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Alyse Clark

Development Associate/Database Manager

Alyse Clark recently joined the Development Department at Sylvester Manor in 2023. She fell in love with helping others, especially our youth, obtain a holistic education when she worked in international recruitment and admissions at Ross School. Here she pushed beyond her role into marketing and communications to fulfill a deeper need to develop strength in community and drive education equity.

Alyse has experience helping younger businesses grow in areas such as brand marketing, market expansion, and streamlining operations. Alyse was part of the expansion of Compass Real Estate into the North Fork until shifting her focus from real estate back to education. Years later, Alyse created robust marketing strategies for educational institutions such as Walden University where she was a Marketing Manager.

With a deep drive to work for institutions that enhance our learning opportunities and community, Alyse eagerly decided to use her experience in marketing, education, and database management at Sylvester Manor. In her free time, Alyse is the Database Manager for the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation where she also volunteers as an EMT.

Born and raised in the Adirondacks, Alyse moved to Shelter Island in 2019 after her father suggested she explore the island he grew up on. Now living in a drastic change of topography, Alyse spends her time kayaking, biking, swimming and walking her rescue dog, Moose. In the winter, however, you will find her back in the mountains skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing.