Over the course of its long history, the property that is now Sylvester Manor Educational Farm has been a Native American hunting ground, a feudal plantation staffed by slaves, a market farm selling to cities across the northeast, and the country estate of Eben Norton Horsford, the father of modern food chemistry. In 2009, Bennett Konesni, a descendant of the founding Sylvester Family, began growing vegetables in the Windmill Field. It was his enthusiasm and vision that inspired the inception of Sylvester Manor Educational Farm. Together with the strong support of his uncle, and heir to the estate, Eben Ostby, and a dedicated group of community members the 501c3 non-profit was born, with the mission to cultivate, preserve and share these lands, buildings and stories, inviting new thought about the importance of food, culture and place in our daily lives.

On the farm, we are able to reflect on the importance of food and the culture surrounding it over these last few centuries — who grew it, how it was processed, how it was shared or marketed, and the associated skills, songs, dances, and stories. It is this food culture that has helped shape how we as a community, view our food.

Today, we explore Sylvester Manor’s role in the future of food by inviting the community to share produce grown on the property through our CSA and Farmstand, and to attend workshops, concerts, dances and other events that shed light on food, culture and place.

Stop by our Farmstand to see our chickens and pigs that are part of our farm family!

We invite you to share in the unique experience that is Sylvester Manor!