Field Trips


Sylvester Manor hosts students of all ages and studies from schools all around the East End of Long Island. We specialize in farm-based and historic educational programming, but we can fulfill a wide range of subjects and age groups.

We host field trips for K-12 students at the Farm, Windmill, 1737 Manor House and historic grounds. We also collaborate with educators on specific curriculum and subject matters.

Our standard “Young Farmers” field trip is a 2-3-hour tour encompassing the farm, some of the grounds and a history lesson about the Island and the Manor itself. Your class will discover what is currently happening here on the Farm and what happened throughout history on the property. This field trip is suitable for any grade level.

Please email for more information regarding how our field trips can meet your grade and subject specific standards.

We can customize field trips to make connections between what you are doing in your classroom and what happens (and happened) at Sylvester Manor!

Field Trips at Sylvester Manor

For example:

  • Make connections between a book your class is reading and the history at Sylvester Manor
  • Measure out veggie beds and figure out how many seeds you would need to plant to get a desired yield


Give us a call and tell us what you’re thinking. We can customize our field trips to apply to nearly anything, from social sciences to math!

We would be happy to talk to you about our field trips and are eager to work with educators to help their students get as much as possible out of a visit to Sylvester Manor. We are also committed to speaking with you prior to your visit to best connect to your curriculum, learning goals, and desired outcomes. Please contact us if your class is interested in visiting Sylvester Manor.