Oddball Day on Shelter Island July 2013


Checking out seeds at the Library
Meet Sylvester Manor’s newest residents — baby ‘fainting’ goats
Stalking and cooking the 4-pound sweet potato
Sylvester Manor Celebrates black history
$10,000 in state funds earmarked for Sylvester Manor
A night to remember: Visitors to stay in Manor’s slave quarters
The Good Earth — Kurt Ericksen’s vegetable growing column
Shelter Island Reporter profile: Kurt Ericksen
Family time: A film reveals secrets of a crime
Thoughts about ‘labor’ on Labor Day
Tracking the Ghosts of Sylvester Manor
Back to the future at Sylvester Manor Farm
Archaeologists at Sylvester Manor
Sugar fix at the library’s Friday Night Dialogues
Island profile: Julia Trunzo makes farming pay the bills
Editorial: Sylvester Manor Plant & Sing a celebration of community
Photos: Fifth annual Plant & Sing on Shelter Island
First step in Sylvester Manor closing was donation of land
More details on Sylvester Manor preservation deal that closed Wednesday
Scholars study slavery through Sylvester Manor archives at NYU
Talk set at NYU on slavery, manumission at Sylvester Manor
Two colleges bring crew of laborers to Sylvester Manor
Part II: A vision for saving Sylvester Manor
How the plan for preserving Sylvester Manor took shape
Where did the idea of the Sylvester Manor Educational Farm come from, anyway?
Editorial: Saving the manor
Viewfinder: An up-close look at history
Sylvester Manor: A search through the centuries
Sylvester Manor: Working for free has its pleasures for farm visitors
Town moves on Sylvester Manor preservation, County to pay 70% of $4.68 Million deal
Legislature approves first Sylvester Manor preservation deal

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